How to Choose the Best Dog for Retirement

if you’re coming up to retirement or if you’re already retired and you’re thinking about getting a new dog then today I want to run through some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about what the best dog for retirement
I want to talk today about how to choose the best dog for retirement because there’s a number of questions that you need to ask yourself that are different from kind of different stages in your life and the first of these is that there are four key questions when it comes to considering the best breed for yours so the first of these is should you get a big breed or a small breed so this is important for a number of different reasons the first of these is actually the strength of the dogs to actually being able to handle and manage the dog you know clearly a Labrador pulling on the end of the lead is going to be a lot more stress and strain and need a lot more strength than chihuahua for example so thinking about a big and a small breed is important from that point of view it’s also important though if you’re thinking about if your dog becomes unwell if they you know get an injury when they’re out and about or if they’re sick and unwell at home and they aren’t able to get to the car themselves then you’re going to need to be able to transport your dog to get help and so are you going to be able to physically cope with a big dog now it might be that you live very close to friends and family and that’s not going to be a problem but if you’re by yourself and you’ve got a Labrador that can be really challenging to manage now the next question to ask when you’re thinking about the best breed for retirement is should you get an energetic dog or a quiet dog an energetic dog is clearly going to be a great companion if you’re planning to spend your days kind of out walking out exploring your neighborhood or your environment or going on holidays and and and you know walking the hills and that kind of thing but if you’re kind of planning on a quieter life if maybe health problems mean that you’re not able to be quite so active than having a quieter dog breed and one who requires much less exercise is going to be really important not just because they’ll be easier to manage and you know they’re going to be more appropriate for you but also you’re going to be able to provide a better home and for them there is nothing worse than an energetic dog not being able to kind of burn off their energy and as a result of that they develop behavioral problems they’re frustrated and they’re really not as happy as they could otherwise be so have a think about yeah what energy level is going to suit your retirement lifestyle better the next question is you need to think about specific breed problems…

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