Blue Green Algae – How to Recognise this Deadly Dog Poison

if your dog enjoys swimming or if you’re going on long hikes and they’re drinking from lakes and from streams then at this time of year you really need to know all about blue green algae poisoning in dogs stick around from our pets health calm where my aim is to help you and your pet live a healthier happier life so definitely consider subscribing if that’s something you’re interested in and today I wanted to just give you a reminder of the risk that blue-green algae can cause to our dogs it can kill them within 15 minutes if it’s producing something called a neurotoxin so it shuts down the body’s nerve supply causes paralysis they can’t breathe and they die there is another poison which actually then knocks out the liver and that causes death I’m several days two weeks after a dog has been exposed to the toxin and to make matters worse they only need to drink a really small amount for the blue-green algae to be poisonous so you know it’s really important that you’re aware of this I’ve been seeing lots of reports of blue-green algae poisoning over the last couple of weeks , I just wanted to remind you how to recognize blue-green algae it’s generally something that’s found in on tonzura in lakes and also slow flowing rivers and it can occur in a couple of different ways so you can see um bluey greeny I’m kind of brown mats floating on top of the water or you can see a really disc of discoloration of the water it can look a little bit like pea soup so really kind of thick green pea soup color or sometimes it can appear as like a paint swirl a greeny blue he paints well on top of the water so that’s what blue-green algae looks like a couple of common allergies that you might kind of see and you might mistake it for some the first one is duck weed now that is quite distinctive so it looks like lots of tiny mini lily pads floating on the water that is not blue-green algae so it’s not something to be worried about and also the other kind of mats that you can see that other algal mats look like hair they’re very kind of fine strands thread-like strands and again that’s generally not going to be blue-green algae and like I say check out the full guide that I’ve also written on the website which is linked down below that which takes you through if ways that you can actually run some tests to see if what you’re seeing is blue green algae so the other thing you can do is you can check on your local environmental agency or your local council to see what monitoring they do and if there are any alerts for any water bodies any lakes ponds or rivers near where you are that’s very important to do and again I’ll leave a link down in the description below which will take you through to each state’s record if you’re in the in the US if you’re in the UK or in Canada or other parts of the world then if you just google your local authority you should be able to find that quite nicely and then finally there is an app called a bloom watch app and what that does is it’s got a lot of different pictures so you can help you identify what blue-green algae looks like so you can become familiar with that you can also see if there are any reports in your area and you could also report any suspect findings that you come across as well just to help other pet owners ….

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