A Dog with Rash + Skin Lump after Vaccination – something to worry about?

as you’ll pop your dog just developed a lump after being vaccinated or after having any kind of injection well today I’m going to talk about what that might be and what you should do about it question number two is from Louie who writes that we bought the puppy with his first set of vaccines but we noticed that he had a bump on the back of his neck a week later so he contacted the person that sold us the puppy and he told us the exact part of where the bump was and he said that was where he put the vaccine but Louie’s wondering what he can do the the person who sold the puppy said to put ice on to reduce the swelling but Louie’s a little bit worried and scared so let’s start off by saying that a small swelling after vaccination or any injection is completely normal now that can last for a few days to a couple of weeks or so so it can last for you know quite a wee while now if you are getting a lump or if you’ve noticed a lump on your puppy or your dog or your cat immediately after an injection and like I say that can be a vaccine but it could be any any other kind of form of injection as well then you absolutely could put a cold compress on in the first couple of days and that can just help to reduce any swelling after this time so after kind of two or three days though the cold compress isn’t going to have any benefit we want to switch to a warm compress and that will encourage blood flow to the area where it’ll bring all of the kind of the healing substances to that area to sort out that lump and to to get rid of it now other vaccine side effects i’ve discussed those in episode number six of the podcast i you know but lumps certainly is one thing that we do get not too irregularly now of course it might not just be a vaccination side effect it could be that we’re developing an abscess so it could be that a dirty needle was used or a poor technique was used it could also be another skin problem so it could be something like an insect bites analogy a wound um you know it could even be a cancer although in a young puppy that’s very very unlikely and you know this kind of I guess raises one concern with potential issues with non vets giving vaccines so you know what’s their injection technique like how was that vaccine stored are they using clean needles or are they just reusing them on multiple multiple dogs multiple puppies do you actually have any proof that it’s even been done they’re not suggesting that every puppy breeder is going to be it be dishonest like this but you know those are all questions to ask now if you get the vaccines done by your vet then these are going to be more reliable there’s going to be more of a record of the supply chain for that vaccine they’re going to be monitoring the fridge temperatures to make sure that the the vaccines are actually still going to work you’re going to get a fresh needle every time you’re going to get someone who’s giving countless injections every day.

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