Stop Your Dog Scooting! Dog Anal Glands + Soft Stools

if you’ve got a dog who regularly needs their anal glands expressed then one of the big causes is that they have soft stools all the time so what exactly can you do to prevent this being a problem to solidify their stools and to stop their anal glands needing to be expressed and then my final question is from Stacey who says that her dog’s anal glands have had to be expressed for about a year anyway for a monthly to every eight weeks eight to ten weeks and her dog is still having Cowpat poops should she increased the fiber in the diet she eats a variety of things with kibble some treats with carrots and some greeny teeth-brushing treats and also she’s a Lhasa terrier mix so anal glands they can become impacted repeatedly for several different reasons so loose stools certainly is one and is probably the most common one certainly in my experience you can also get blocked tubes so the tube that leads from the anal sacs to the outside world then they can become blocked and that could be because their deposits actually within the tube or there is inflammation kind of around the anal area that it’s compressing the tubes making them more narrow and making them more likely to be blocked and then finally you could also get brief problems that just mean the tubes may be a coming out kind of wrong or they’re a little bit kind of higgledy-piggledy a bit Wiggly and again narrow and causing problems there so those are the big reasons that we can get anal gland impaction and need really frequent expression like Stacy’s dog is needing now persistent loose stools is a completely separate topic that can be due to a number of different reasons there’s quite a lot of them so we can have a food intolerance we can have parasites we can have various infections like Giardia we can get inflammatory bowel disease where the guts just aren’t working properly they’re also hormonal problems can cause just a chronic diarrhea and we could get organ disease such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency where the pancreas just isn’t producing enough digestive enzymes and so we get a kind of a watery sloppy cow patty type poop which is what this dogs got so really we need to try and find out exactly why this dog’s stools are abnormal ….

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