Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Why do dogs lick? – Having pet at home must be fun. One of the animals, which are often considered to be a pet is a dog. Aside from being a pet, the dog usually is also considered as a house guard. Dogs are animals that like welcoming its master, with licks. Usually when you return from the routine activities outside the house, this animal straight up and licked you, or when you go home and lie down on a sofa, your dog comes immediately to lick. Initially it may not feel uncomfortable, but sometimes without realizing the face and other parts of our body is full of pet dog’s drool.

When taking the dog for a walk and feed it, you sit down to relax for a moment. Your dog comes over, you are stroking it lovingly. Furthermore, the dogs will lick their owners, especially on the face. If this goes on, of course, your face will be filled with saliva. Like it or not, you have to train your dog to control it.

Perhaps you have wondered why dogs sometimes licking human? Of course there are several reasons as well as misconceptions about this. Here are some reasons why do dogs lick you.

Dogs will only lick members of the family, members of the group or themselves for many reasons, and also to show their attitude to you and help us to understand about their attitude.

Why do dogs lick you?

  • Affection
    This is the most common reason why dogs lick their owners. By licking its owner, the dog will release substances endorphins that can be soothe and gives a sense of comfort. Licked by reason of affection to the owner is to release hormones that can soothe and provide comfort to the dog itself. However, sometimes this is considered excessive by humans. If you feel annoyed by licking, how to stop it is to ignore your dog and move to another room when your dog begins lick. Your dog will understand that you do not like it if it licks continuously.
  • Dogs like the taste of salt on human skin
    Dogs love to lick the bowl of food, where food spilled on the floor, or a place that we use for cooking. Therefore, sometimes we do not realize that there are particles of food stuck on us, they can lick. Moreover, the dogs also like the taste of salt on human skin.
  • Biological
    When most people rely on the sense of vision to understand and interact with the world, dogs rely on their sense of smell. Millions of olfactory receptors are located in the front part of the nose and mouth to help the dog to read the situation. When a dog licks your face, it actually tried to dig up information about you from pheromones excreted by the sweat glands in your skin.
  • Animal instinct
    Puppies that very young can not digest raw meat, therefore, out in the wild, the kennel will digest meat for its children and then regurgitate already digested food to be eaten by the children. Puppy instinctively lick their mother’s mouth to encourage regurgitation. Dogs instinctively might licks your mouth when hungry, hope you will give them food.
  • Learning behavior
    Puppy learns to licks when they are very young. The kennel begins lick them children at birth to help them breathe and to clean itself after childbirth. The kennel will lick children to clean them of any feces or urine. This licking also help strengthen the bond between them. Likewise, dogs will lick your face to strengthen the bond with you.
  • Recumbency
    Licking is also a sign of surrender. In the wild, there is a dog that dominant in the group. Dogs are dominant, or alpha dog, expect other members in the group to indicate surrender by licking the face. The dog most likely see you as a leader and lick your face to confirm your dominance.
  • Get rid of anxiety
    Not only a man can feel the stress, dogs can also feel stress. By licking is one way to reduce stress levels. When dogs feel fear or anxious then they usually continue lick themselves endlessly. But, excessive licks will only make anxiety level becomes higher.

These are some of the reasons why do dogs likes to lick human. If you are a person who likes with this licking, so it is not a problem at all. However, if you want your dog to stop licking, the most effective way to do this is with ignore the dog and say “STOP, OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT!”