Why do Dogs Sniff Other Dog’s Butt?

One of the first things that often happens when two dogs meet is sniffing butt each other. This may seem repulsive or embarrassing for you, but your dog see it differently. Why do dogs sniff each other’s butt? Whether is it healthy and normal for your dog? Here’s the explanation.

In 1975, Dr. George Preti of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia examined anal secretions to study the behavior of the dogs. The study describes how the dog’s nose has a sensitivity of 10 thousand to 100 thousand times than the human nose. Well, when dogs sniffing another dog’s butt, it means it collects important information.

Preti found that there is a dogs on the rump area called anal pouch. This pouch will release chemicals used another dog’s to identify the dog. Natural odors get out of apocrine glands. While others called sebaceous glands that lubricates the skin and dogs fur.

Dr. George Preti found that the chemical compound of the glands had produced the aroma of dogs known as trimethylamine. It is an organic compound that is a product of the decomposition of animal and plants, and the smell often associated with bad breath.

Butt sniffing dog

Dog’s sense of smell
Canine olfactory system is complex and sophisticated. It makes sense of smell in dogs much higher than human. To illustrate the difference, humans have about 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose, while dogs have about 220 million!

Dogs can smell the layers upon layers of aroma even when we can not smell anything. Dog’s nose is very amazing. If you have a nose like that, you might also want to sniff everything. Generally, dogs sniffing for two main reasons:

  1. Sniffing is very pleasant for the dogs. Smelling something feels good and stimulating.
  2. Dog is sniffing to find out or learn something more.

Why sniffing butt?
Many people think the butt sniffing behavior among dogs is one way to say hello, but in fact far more than it. With a sniffing, dogs can learn a lot about each other. Each animal has its own unique aroma: dogs, cats, as well as humans. If man could only vaguely detect personal scent, dogs can recognize a number of clues through their noses.

Such scent feels more stronger around the genitals and anus (anal sac location, which collects smelling liquid). The scent in this area can tell other dogs about gender, reproductive status, food, health status, temperament, and many other things.

A dog can also remember the scent, so it can find out if it had met a certain dog before or not. So, when your dog meets another dog, they each have a story to share. If we carry on a conversation when meeting friends or relatives, the dogs sniff the butt each other. This is common behavior in dogs.

Many dogs also are trying to find out about the man further, by way of sniff the crotch, and this often makes us ashamed. But do not worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just the nature of dogs. And for dog owners, if your dog sniff the the crotch of others, try to direct it elsewhere. Try to avoid this behavior if you do not want other people to hate your dog.

Should I let my dog sniff another dog’s butt?

Butt sniffing dog

If your dog meet with other dogs, be sure to monitored, and it is best to let them “sniff each other” as much as they want. Dogs actually less likely to fight each other if they sniff each otherbutt. However, some dogs may too intense with butt sniff activities, while the other dogs in need of their personal space.

Pay attention to behavior and body language of all dogs. If one of the dogs look too excessive in butt sniff, and other dogs seem annoyed or depressed, then the owner must call or let out their dogs. Also, ideally allow the dog to meet and play in pairs. But, dogs may too excited if it is in a group, which can lead to fight between them.