GIRLS: These kind of 5 Powders are a Disaster for Your Skin!

In winter months, a few women can conceive a day without using a powder. However, if you select the right instead to hide the imperfections of the skin of your face, the powder can make a catastrophic problem to you.

In shops today, you can find countless types of powders, but which is right for you? It primarily depends on the type of skin, but they can not tell you that you should avoid because it certainly is not good for you.

Dark powder

Girls often choose powders that are up to three shades darker than their complexion. This is a big mistake because the face will look sloppy and the whole impression is cheap. Choose loose nuances of your complexion and color of the face.

Inexpensive Powder

Of course, we do not say that you have to spend a fortune for a liquid powder, but those are very cheap and often have a poor texture. I’d rather save on nail polish, shadows and blushes.

Foundation for the wrong type of skin

You have a mixed skin, and bring the powder with glittering particles? Or do you have dry skin, and wear a matte powder? Wearing the wrong powder bother your skin and look messy and if you do not know yourself what is your type of your skin, seek for advice.

Powder you took from friends

She loves it, but pushing it several times darker and has a completely different type of skin? Avoid powders that are recommended by friends and use only those which suit your face.

Too thick powder

The Very thick powder looks bad on a young person, even if it is affected by acne. Allow the skin to breathe and select a lighter variant of powder.