5 Beauty Products That Can Harm Your Health

Before you buy a new product for beauty, read well what is written on the declaration. Of course, not all products are harmful to health, but those in larger percentages that contain specific chemical ingredients can harm us really well.

Products containing isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl is present in a number of beauty products, from face creams to eye shadow, but is uncomfortable for your skin. The most visible side effects from it, it’s the appearance of brown spots on the skin and premature aging.


Believe it or not, eyeliner can be used up to three months. Then, you should dispose of them because you will cause an eye irritation.

“Mineral” and Vaseline

Products containing the word “mineral” assume they sound very organic, but actually, they are very harmful. Mineral oil and vaseline do not metabolize and do not break down which means they remain on your skin and with a long-term use may be carcinogenic. You will find 82% of the hair dye, 45% in products for darker ten and even 36% in face moisturizers.

Sun cream

The sun may be less harmful than some creams. More chemical properties that are found in some sun creams can disrupt hormone levels and can be toxic to the reproductive system and breastfeeding if you are pregnant and may affect the child’s development. Two European studies show that the same chemical properties that Sun creams contain are transferred to the milk of breastfeeding mothers, which means the babies are drinking toxic milk.

Products that strengthen hair

A survey done in 2013 claimed that formaldehyde containing products that are making your hair stronger, including hair sprays, are very harmful if present in a higher percentage in the product. Those products containing 0.1 percent formaldehyde are completely normal and are not harmful, but some are found even with 12% formaldehyde and such a percentage may be carcinogenic.