5 Mistakes That Should Be Avoided With Eyebrows

Don’t even dare to touch those tweezers and eyebrows until you read about the mistakes that you are making.
Now you`ll find out what are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Tweezing before shower

Hair follicles of your eyebrows may loosen up from the hot water and consequently your eyebrows may fall out as you wash. This will make your newly-shaped brows lose shape.

  1. Over- plucking

It is recommended to pluck your eyebrows once in three weeks. Less plucked eyebrows look much more even, while over-plucked eyebrows give a bad frame to your face. Thick and full eyebrows are also trendy these days and it doesn’t seem that they will fade out in the near future.


No meter if it is defined or slight, eyebrows have their natural arch which should be better followed rather than changed.
If you don’t know where your natural arch is, you could check where your brow peaks on the top side. With a highlighting pencil, follow the bottom side and the top side of your brows. Make sure the arches line up.

  1. Overusing the eyebrow pencil

Shading your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil can make them well-defined and good looking. The pencil you chose should be one shade lighter than your eyebrows. Then with light strokes shade the patchy areas of your eyebrows, but follow their natural line. Don’t forget that you are not drawing, but you are shadowing your eyebrows.

  1. Not consulting a brow professional

Professionals for brows can give you tips and tricks for how to maintain your eyebrows good-looking or even help you find their natural shape. Well, if you are not sure if your brow looks good or if you made a mistake while plucking them, you should feel free to consult a professional in the field.