Cumin Literally Melts Fat

Cumin may not be as popular spice in the world, but can be bought in just about any healthy food store, and can be purchased at really affordable price.

This is truly amazing and extremely healing spice, a real boon to the human body because it not only encourages the strengthening of the immune system, but it helps when you want to get rid of excess weight quite effectively.

A study conducted in Iran, 88 subjects were divided into two groups. Each group over three months had the same diet which numbered 500 calories less than their previous diet.

The difference consisted in that one group received a little less than one teaspoon Cumin who consume it every day with 150 ml yogurt.

After three months respondents from the group that consumed Cumin had on average 2 kilograms less than the other group that did not use this spice. Also, participants who regularly consumed Cumin, had lower levels of bad cholesterol and generally better blood test.

As respondents who participated in this study used Cumin daily, they are already accustomed to intense spices, so they did not had any kind of problems with this amount of Cumin to drink it with only half a cup of yogurt. However, because this spice has a very intense aroma, we suggest you to start with a smaller amount.

  • Add a quarter teaspoon in a stew as green beans, potato melting pot or any other meal of your choice.
  • Make a proprietary blend of spices that will be kept in a glass jar and used as needed. For example, stir Alev pepper, garlic powder, Cumin, dried celery, pepper, salt, hot crushed pepper and a little turmeric.
  • When you do homemade mayonnaise, mustard, hummus or baba ghanoush, add at least 1/8 teaspoon Cumin.