GINGER is More Powerful Than The Chemotherapy

Ginger is a food that is not only used as a spice in the diet but also in the treatment of nausea and stomach problems. Still more fascinating data comes through the results of a new study that shows how this plant is an extremely successful in the treatment of various forms of cancer.

Research on mice conducted by experts from Georgia State University and the results showed how extracted ginger can reduce the size of prostate tumors by as much as 56 percent. In addition, it was shown how ginger reduces inflammation in the body and the body supplies the antioxidants.Another study conducted by a non-profit organization has shown how ginger plays a key role in the treatment of breast cancer and the cancer of stem cell, known as an extremely hard to kill.

Stem cells have the ability to regenerate, they pass through different changes and mutations and are so resistant to conventional treatment, such as chemotherapy, and often are divided to form new colonies of cancer. The only way to treat the tumor is to destroy the stem cells in it” – writes Health Nut News.

When Ginger is dried or cooked, there arises an organic compound Shogaol. It’s Fascinating the way in which this compound is fighting against cancer stem cells.

Research has not yet been done on humans

“Studies have shown how Shogaol only affects cancer cells and kills them, but not healthy cells, for example, chemotherapy, which, in addition to the cancer cells, it’s killing the healthy cells”.

After all, when compared with drugs such as Taxol, Shogaol has proved to be killing off more cancer cells and tumors, and researchers say this compound even 10000 times more potent than the drug Taxol in killing cancer cells, stopping the formation of new tumor and preservation of healthy cells.

It is important to note that a similar study has not yet been carried out on humans, though, the results are promising and provide hope to those suffering from cancer, particularly if you take into your mind how many conventional cancer treatments can be tough for the body and mind of the people.