Each girl has a lot of creams, masks and other cosmetics. She helps them look well-groomed and beautiful. In addition, there are anti-aging creams. And if you use them regularly, then thanks to them you can look several times younger. In addition, there is one way that will help the skin tighten and rejuvenate. And for this you just need to use your hands.
The technique is called Koruggi. This is a special massage technique. It was invented by the Japanese Chiyo Hayashi. His goal is not skin, but a layer of fat under it. After all, over time, fat moves and is deposited in a convenient place. Therefore, the skin loses its appearance. Indeed, in these places the skin begins to sag. Like body skin, face skin needs to be trained. Yes, in old age the face is changing and it is not related to the production of halogen. Everything changes and a person no longer looks like in childhood.

But Karuga massage allows you to keep your facial muscles in good shape while not allowing fat to accumulate. On the contrary, it smooths it out. Before applying massage it is important to know if there are any diseases:

  • ENT organs.
  • Lymphatic system.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Wounds on the face.

If there is at least one disease, Karuga massage cannot be done. After all, it is done intensively and affects the skin of the face. Moreover, before a massage you need to consult a specialist. Indeed, during the massage, you can damage the skin or muscles.

But, still proceed to the massage. It consists of 7 steps.

First you need to wash your hands well. You need to get massage oil and a mirror. A mirror is needed so that you can see yourself. And so we begin the massage. You need to put your elbows on the table so that the fists propped their cheeks. The fists must rest against the cheekbones. In this position you need to be 5 seconds. All facial muscles should be relaxed. In addition, you need to press gently. When pressure is applied, pain should not occur. This is a very simple exercise. After all, you always need to start with the simple.

Forehead preparation

You need to bend your head. Again, take the bones of the hands and press them to the forehead. They should be pressed in place of the hairline. Then you need to make smooth movements. First, we smoothly move our hands to the temples, and then to the earlobes. But we do not stop there. Then gently lower your hands along the neck to the collarbone. This is how the forehead prepared.

We form cheekbones

To do this, you need to put your hands in the lock, but the thumbs need to be set aside. At the same time, they need to be pressed together. They must move freely. You need to put the thumb of the right hand under the corner of the left eye. Fingers should gently push into the skin. Then you need to make smooth movements. We carry our fingers from nose to ear, and then lower them along the side of the neck and lower them to the collarbone. This movement needs to be done 2 to 3 times. Then the same movements are made on the right side. Also 2-3 times. It is necessary to smoothly press and slide on the skin.

Smooth forehead

For this exercise you need to put your hands in fists. They need to be turned with your fingers to the face. Then the bones should be put over the eyebrows. Then, with smooth movements of the hand, we raise to the hairline. Then the hands must be returned to their original position. Now they need to be put a little higher than the previous time. Then again we make smooth movements to hair growth. Movement must be repeated until the entire forehead becomes smoothed. At the same time, it is necessary to put hand bones every time a little higher.

Open your eyes

Again we need hand bones. We take our hands and put the index finger and middle paley in the folded position. They need to do eye massage. Eyes to close. Then, with the bones of the middle and forefinger smoothly carried out from the nose to the temple. The eyebrow itself should remain between these fingers.

We form the line of the lower jaw

As in the previous exercise, we will need the bones of the index and middle fingers. During the exercise, the face should be completely relaxed. Moreover, the lower jaw itself should not resist massage movements. You need to bend your face, and the bones must be placed right under the corners of the lips. Then you need to press your fingers into the skin with sudden movements. They should be like jerks. In this case, the fingers need to be pressed strongly into the skin. Remember, pain should not occur. Everything should happen smoothly, but intensively. The same movements must be carried out on the other side. This exercise should be repeated 7-8 times.

Last exercise

Now you need to completely relax your face after such stress. To do this, put your palms on your forehead near the hairline. Then, with smooth movements, lower your hands first on the cheeks, and then on the neck. But, and after already on the collarbone. You need to make movements until the face skin is completely relaxed.