How many supplements are too many for your dog?

Are you confused about the supplements needed for dogs? Do you find conflicting information? Want to know what to give your dog without doing too much? I understand your problem. People often contact me because they do not know exactly what their dog needs. Some believe that good food is enough and others have dozens of bottles of supplements and pills on the kitchen counter.

Follow nature

I am always fascinated by the fact that the human species spends an incredible amount of time and resources creating systems that replace natural systems. A good example is the use of chemical fertilizers over the natural cycle of nutrient recycling.

In the wild, a tree loses its leaves to feed its roots, cows eat grass, then fertilizer with manure. In other words, all nutrients from the soil are returned to the soil. At least that’s what it was until humans got involved.
Agriculture and food production are obvious examples of human beings trying to reinvent the wheel. For almost a century, we have been trying to replace the already perfect nutrient cycle with ours, which is flawed and leads to toxic chemicals that cause further damage.

The food is now transported long distances and then thrown halfway into a landfill. This creates a growing nutrient deficit in fields where food is grown. For farmers to grow something, chemical fertilizers come into play, creating serious imbalances and a dead soil that is easily eroded because it does not contain organic matter.

Because good food is not enough

I agree with those who say that “ideally” supplements would not be necessary. An ideal world would be one in which nutrients are recycled to the soil and animals eat a wide variety of foods.
The problem is that our world today is miles away from the ideal and the lack of nutrients is one of the most serious and undiagnosed problems of the disease.
What our chemistry teachers forgot to teach us
Most people do not like chemistry. I thought I did not like it either until I saw a connection to real life. Biochemistry is particularly fascinating. Millions of biochemical reactions take place every day in your dog’s body and are fully automated. No boss, no management, just the power of nature for the least miraculous.

What biochemistry professors forgot to remind us is that none of these biochemical reactions can occur without the presence of all the elements – constituents. This is where the importance of nutrients comes in and why I am so committed to delivering the message. That’s why I like developing supplements that replace the missing nutrients because of irresponsible management of natural resources.

Most people do not realize that the most common causes of illness are not viruses, bacteria or toxins, but nutrient deficiencies. That’s why so many people see miraculous cures in tired, sick dogs when we simply add missing essentials.


Six powerful groups of nutrients that help heal or improve almost all diseases

In principle, whatever the medical condition of the dog, the first step is to correct the deficiencies so that the body can heal.

Key nutrients

  • Minerali
  • Vitamin
  • essential amino acids
  • vegetable by-products
  • essential fatty acid
  • Probiotici
    All these nutrients are present in four essential supplements. I can already hear some people say, but I do not want to give as much or my dog hates pills. It’s like saying, I want to have a roof over my head, but I do not like masons and tiles.

I agree that the pharmaceutical industry has not made it easy for us because it has allowed us to combine pills with toxic drugs. I suggest you consider essential supplements as a food, not like “pills” or potions.