Prevent and treat insect bites with natural remedies

Will a tough fight against insects also wait for you this summer? Do not worry, you can better prepare yourself using natural repellents and learn, by reading this article, how to treat insect bites using absolutely natural products!

When temperatures rise in spring, insects also appear, some of which may start to sting and usually disturb our dog (but also us).
For dogs, this is not just a nuisance or a slight itch due to an insect bite. Some mosquitoes can cause wireworms by injecting their larvae (microfilariae) to the dog at the time of the bite. Ticks, on the other hand, can cause Lyme disease and transmit others.

It is therefore logical that you want to protect your dog during this time of year, but you also do not want to use products containing dangerous chemicals!
If you have been well informed, you will never want to give your dog drugs or use a neurotoxic repellent that may be more dangerous than the heartworm itself. And vaccines against Lyme disease are in turn a very risky and ineffective solution to try to protect your dog from this disease.

But are there more natural and safe options that are at the same time really effective?

Many natural insect repellents contain ingredients such as cedar oil, eucalyptus citrate oil or other essential oils to keep mosquitoes and insects away. Natural repellents can be very effective … but you will have to apply them very carefully all over your dog’s body, which may not be so simple, especially if you have a long-haired dog … moreover, many dogs do not particularly like these repellent spray because they have a very intense perfume.

Homeopathy can help a lot

There is also another solution: homeopathy! You can give your dog one or two doses of Arnica when it hurts, or Arsenic if it ingests something that causes food poisoning … but you probably never thought that homeopathy could also be used to prevent insect bites.

But it’s true … and it’s really very effective. But above all, it’s absolutely safe.

Therefore, your dog (but also you) can use homeopathy safely and effectively for:

A) Protect yourself against insect bites (and pathologies that these insects can carry).

B) Treat insect bites to prevent redness, itching and irritation.

But before talking about these remedies, we want to remind you that there is one more fundamental thing you can do to protect your dog from pathologies that insects can carry:

The first step is to promote a healthy immune system

You may never have understood, but a healthy and effective immune system is the first step to protect your four-legged friend from insects and parasites.

Our animal friends are very often exposed to toxins, drugs and chemical compounds that can stress the immune system. When the organism is weakened, insects and parasites can take over; it’s all part of Mother Nature’s plans! If you want to deal with any insect and pest problem, you first need to restore your dog’s immune defenses so that everything works at its best and its health can be preserved without problems.

Here’s an example: Lyme disease only occurs as a co-infection. This means that a dog in perfect health will not be able to contract this disease … In fact, Lyme disease only occurs when a dog has another disease at the same time. Many dogs live with heartworms and intestinal worms all their lives without ever developing a disease … these parasites are controlled by the immune system.

It’s his job anyway! But if the immune system is under stress (vaccines, drugs, pesticides, processed foods and toxins), it may lose its ability to control the parasite populations that harbor the dog and the worms and intestinal worms, initially present in small numbers. quantities, they can multiply by becoming a hundred or thousand times more numerous and make your dog sick in a short time.

You must strive to strengthen your dog’s immune system. Here are some important things you can do:

– Follow your dog with a complete diet based on fresh foods
– Minimize vaccinations
– Avoid medications such as antibiotics or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
– Avoid pesticides such as vermicides and pesticides / herbicides that you could inadvertently use in the garden
– Limit the use of chemicals and detergents to clean the house
This will greatly help prevent communicable diseases including certain insects. But insect bites continue to hurt, while causing pain and itching.

Therefore, these homeopathic remedies are the next step in the arsenal we have to protect our dog from insect bites: